Book Reviews

Index of books covered in posts, in reverse chronological order. Click on the image for a link to Amazon.

Real World OCaml (in progress)

Author: Yaron Minsky, Anil Madhavapeddy, Jason Hickey
Posts: Chapter 2, Chapter 4 & 9
Summary: Covers many features of the OCaml programming language with practical applications


Purely Functional Data Structures (in progress)

Author: Chris Okasaki
Posts: Part I, Part II
Summary: Theory and practice around data structures for functional programming languages


The Design of Everyday Things

Author: Don Norman
Posts: Review
Summary: Discussion the design of several real-world products, the psychology of human behavior and terminology around HCI


Code Complete 2

Author: Steve McConnell
Posts: Review
Summary: Several good practices (most of them technical) around software development


Real World Haskell

Author: Bryan O’Sullivan, Don Stewart, and John Goerzen
Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 18, Chapter 24, Chapter 27, Chapter 28
Summary: Covers many features of the Haskell programming language with practical applications