Selected posts organized by theme. Most of them are primers (introductory) and intended to be looked up for reference. If a post happens to describe two or more concepts, there will be multiple entries here linking to the same post.

Algorithms and Data Structures

  • Blockchain (post)
  • Bloom Filters (post)
  • Consistent Hash (post)
  • HyperLogLog (post)
  • KMP (Knuth Morris and Pratt) (post)
  • LSM (Log Structured Merge) Trees (post)
  • Skip Lists (post)

Combinatorial Optimization

  • Eulerian Circuits (post)
  • Matroids (post)

Distributed Systems


Real World Systems

  • Google’s F1 Database (post)
  • Google’s Spanner Database (post)
  • Apache Zookeeper (post)
  • PageRank (post)

Machine Learning

  • Support Vector Machine (post)